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About Us

Our Story

Tigray Development Association Norway (TDA Norge) was established in 2020 by Tigrayan residents in Norway and was a significant milestone in the journey towards the revitalization of Tigray. TDAN operates as a compassionate and locally-driven non-governmental charitable organization that plays an active role in all aspects of Tigray's developmental initiatives. Through a close partnership with TDA International (TDAI), an organization that has dedicated over three decades to rehabilitation and developmental work in Tigray, TDAN endeavors to restore and rehabilitate civil infrastructure in the region. The collaboration between TDAN and TDAI demonstrates the power of communal action in bringing about positive change and is a testament to the resilience and unwavering spirit of the Tigrayan people.

Our Mission

Our organization is dedicated to creating positive change for vulnerable children, young people, and the elderly in Tigray by reducing poverty and enhancing education and health systems. To achieve our objectives, we seek to secure resources from various stakeholders, including members, government and non-governmental organizations, supporters, and other sources. Additionally, we strive to foster active community participation in the development of demand-driven programs focused on education, health, skills/vocational training, and good governance, particularly in areas where the government lacks the capacity to take action.


TDA Norway's mission to enhance the quality of education and health in Tigray relies on the generosity of Alumni members, non-members, and friends of our organization. We extend our deepest gratitude for your donation, which will have a profound impact on vulnerable children, young adults, and the elderly, helping to alleviate poverty and hardship. Your support will enable these individuals to access education and overcome their challenging circumstances.

We kindly request that you give according to your means. If you are interested in planned giving or require further information about donations, please do not hesitate to contact us using the form on our website's "Contact Us" page. We would be delighted to provide you with additional information.


TDA NORWAY, a non-governmental organization committed to improving the lives of communities, endeavors to create sustainable solutions in the education, agriculture, and health sectors. To support these initiatives, the organization meticulously arranges various fundraising events and campaigns to generate funds. These events provide an opportunity for philanthropic individuals, organizations, and governmental bodies to contribute towards TDA NORWAY's mission. Furthermore, the organization actively solicits and gathers voluntary donations and contributions from its members, individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, and governmental agencies to increase the impact of its projects. TDA NORWAY is dedicated to utilizing all available resources to drive sustainable development and create a better tomorrow for everyone.


The invaluable contributions of volunteers can significantly impact individuals and communities. Our organization welcomes volunteers who possess a desire to give back, whether it be through providing guidance, supporting administrative functions, or coordinating events. By volunteering, individuals have the opportunity to acquire valuable new skills while fostering new relationships.

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